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Hey there, entrepreneurs!

Do you have a story to share with the world? Want to get it featured on popular online magazines? We’ve got you covered!

For a limited time only, we guarantee to feature your story on NY weekly or your money back. This will help you get your story out there and make it easier for people to find when they search for your name on Google.



New York Weekly is an online daily publication that provides a unique broadcasting platform for thought leaders, brands, and public figures from New York and all over the world. Here are the top four benefits of being featured in NY Weekly BROAD AUDIENCE REACH
Diverse readership spanning multiple industries, including business, technology, entertainment, and health. A TRUSTED BRAND
NY Weekly has a streamlined editorial process to make sure that all publications are accurate, meaningful, and relevant to their audience. ENTREPRENEURIAL FOCUS
Strong focus on business and entrepreneurship with two dedicated sections to highlight trends, best practices, and stories relevant to business owners and professionals in the field. LOCAL & GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE
They cover news and events relevant to NYC residents, while also providing insights into national and global trends, making it valuable to local and international readers.

Putting “Relations” Back in Public Relations

OlaPR is a transparent PR agency created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We know that relationships are at the root of everything: from relationships with our clients to the media outlets that we work with, we make connections and RESULTS happen.

“OlaPR is changing the way PR is offered and delivered to business owners and thought leaders”

“OlaPR’s clients benefit from a handcrafted PR strategy that not only increases their visibility, but also enhances their reputation and credibility in crowded marketplaces”

“If you’ve ever wondered how everyone else seems to be getting PR, OlaPR erases the mystery with a reinvigorating sense of transparency.

Stop Hustling In Silence

If there are two things we know about most entrepreneurs, it’s that 1) they’re out there making moves and hustling to serve more people and change the world in a positive way, and 2) they’re too humble (and busy!) to stop and brag about everything that they’re doing.

The truth is, the ones who don’t brag are often the ones who deserve the spotlight, which is why we believe in proactively seeking out change-makers and giving them the spotlight that they deserve.

The loudest ones aren’t always the ones worth paying attention to, so we help the real change-makers of the world to make a wave with even more visibility, more attention, and the press coverage that they deserve.

(That’s where the “ola” in OlaPR comes from… it’s an ode to our Latin American roots because “ola” means “wave!”)


How To Hire an OlaPR Agent

We don’t just do PR… we do PR mixed with a heavy dose of strategy and storytelling so that you achieve the results you’re looking for. Because of that, we have a high-touch personalized approach to not only choosing our clients, but also working with our clients, which is why you’ll get your own assigned OlaPR agent to help you navigate the world of media placements and exposure in a strategic way that works for you.

1. Talk to Our Team!

Our team proactively reaches out to entrepreneurs and business leaders that we know are a good fit with our media partners, so feel free to engage with an agent who reached out to you or contact our team.

2. Fill Out Questionnaire

Next, fill out our questionnaire so our team can get all the details they need to write a compelling story to showcase your brilliance. Your questionnaire is just the start of our team’s research, and gives us a chance to get inside your head to uncover your brilliance and weave it into a handcrafted story.

3. Make The Final Review

After completing your story, we’ll send it over for your review. We want to make sure that we capture your essence and highlight your mission, which is why nothing gets published without your final approval.

4. Get Published!

Once we receive your final confirmation, your story will be submitted for publishing. Keep in mind that it can take anywhere from a few business days to a month to get published depending on the media outlet. (Your personal agent will be able to give you an idea of timeline based on your specific outlet) We’ll send you the link to the published article so you can share it on all your online platforms and social media to make the most out of it!

Just a Few Of Our Media Outlet Partners

These are just a few of the media outlets that we have relationships with and can get you placed in. As much as we love to brag about our media partners, we love bragging about getting our clients in key placements even more.

The OlaPR Advantage

There are a lot of PR agencies out there, but we believe in leveraging our connections and network to offer guaranteed placements where we match our clients up with media outlets who are actively seeking to share their stories (and the ones we carefully craft for them).

Guaranteed Placements

Handcrafted Stories

Shareable Graphics

Strategic Positioning

Transparent Placement Options

Personal Assigned Agent

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you guarantee placements?

Somewhere along the way people forgot about the “relations” part of public relations, but we pride ourselves on our deep relationships with media outlets and our clients! As much as we enjoy working with our clients, we also have that type of feeling with media outlets who trust us to bring them great stories, articles, and feature stories on entrepreneurs and business leaders who otherwise wouldn’t get the spotlight, so when we work with clients we can be super transparent on where we know we can get them placed!

Where can you get me placements?

Because of our approach and strategy of working with media outlets to bring them content that they’re looking for, at any given time we have a list of outlets that we know we can get you placed in. When interacting with your assigned OlaPR agent we’ll be able to provide you with a specific list of guaranteed placements, and above you’ll find a general idea of some of the outlets we work with. Once we know more about you, your business, and your story, we’ll be able to clearly and transparently show you a list of outlets that are aligned with your featured piece.

Who writes the article?

We handle the publication process from start to finish making sure that your article reflects who you are, thanks to our dedicated team of experienced writers who have worked in the PR industry writing articles featured in publications like Forbes and Yahoo. In a world filled with AI-generated content that sounds and feels all the same, having a team like ours makes our clients’ stories stand out with a refreshing writing style that engages audiences in multiple industries. (This is also why the outlets we work with love our contributions to their publications!)

What do you need from me?

Our team invests heavily into independent research on our clients and their businesses, so we handle most of the workload on crafting a narrative and story that helps you shine. With that said, all stories start with a simple questionnaire that you fill out for us so we can tap into your inner thoughts, perspectives, lessons, and stories, and we can supplement our research with your unique first-person thoughts. Plus… nearly all of our clients tell us going through the questionnaire was refreshing and a fun exercise!

How do I get started?

We make it super simple to get started, and most of it starts with a simple sign-up link that your assigned OlaPR will provide to you once we’ve identified a story feature that aligns with you. If you haven’t been in contact with one of our agents, feel free to Contact Us!

How much do your services cost?

We offer per-feature pricing and/or monthly retainer pricing, depending on your needs. Because we’re big believers in proving how our network of publisher relationships works, we often recommend to start with a feature that our team has identified for your specific case, and when you’re thrilled with your story we can discuss more! Our most basic services cost less than $1K, as a general ballpark.

How long does it take to get published?

Of course, every outlet is different with regards to editorial standards and timeline, so your OlaPR agent will be able to provide an accurate estimate of publication timeline. With that said, we can typically get you published within a few business days depending on the outlet, though most outlets work on a 2-8 week timeline.

What will I get from my featured article?

Being featured in media outlets is a great opportunity for additional exposure for you and your company, and you can also enhance those opportunities by proactively using it in your own marketing channels. By displaying to potential customers and clients that you’ve been featured in top media outlets, your website, social media, marketing, and sales processes should benefit from increased credibility from trusted third-party outlets.

How do you pick who you will feature?

We’re entrepreneurs ourselves, and we recognize the hustle of fellow impact-driven business owners and leaders when we see it! Because we collaborate with both entrepreneurs and the media outlets that we partner with, our team is always on the lookout for great entrepreneurs to feature, which means we’re always tuned in to podcasts that we know and love, LinkedIn communities that we trust, and other sources to uncover entrepreneurs who are doing great work that deserves the spotlight! And if somehow we haven’t found you yet, feel free to Contact Us so we can chat and uncover your brilliance!

What is OlaPR?

OlaPR is a collaborative agency that has put the “relations” back into Public Relations. Launched by entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs, we started in the oceanic vibes of Marina del Rey, California (part of the inspiration behind our name, with “ola” meaning “wave” in Spanish), and we now have a global team of talented business strategists, marketers, and copywriters to help our clients shine and for the world to see the great work that they’re doing. Our team is passionate about not only PR, but also the positive impact that entrepreneurs have on society, and we take great care in uncovering stories worth sharing!